This program currently consists of over 4,200 member companies that pay over $100 million per year in L&I premiums, the largest, by far, premium base of any Retro program in Washington state. Since 2001, BIAW has offered an incentive-based R.O.I.I. program option called R.O.I.I. Select.  In 2011, the average refund for the Select Program was 51.8%.  In 2022, JCHBA refunded over $248,000 to 17 local companies!

BIAW Health Insurance Program

Serves members of the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) by providing employers with access to comprehensive and competitive employee benefit options. BIAW offers over 30 medical plans and a selection of dental options from which employers can choose. By pooling together thousands of participating members, the BIAW Health Insurance Program is able to offer significant savings and custom benefits to Building Industry Association of Washington members.

BIAW Contract Subscription Service
Your blueprint for the most commonly used contracts
For just $399 plus tax for access through March 2024, BIAW builders and remodelers will receive unlimited online access to a suite of more than two dozen contracts and addenda. Covering most common construction needs, this subscription could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.