During this difficult period the Board of JCHBA is working closely with BIAW and NAHB to provide members with access to information regarding  Covid-19 Jobsite Safety Requirements.

Inslee announces indoor mask mandate effective Aug. 23

August 19, 2021

Washington is going back to the mask. Roughly six weeks after Gov. Jay Inslee reopened Washington, he announced a new indoor mask mandate. Starting Aug. 23, Inslee’s mandate requires masks in most public indoor spaces, including restaurants, grocery stores, malls and public-facing offices.

What’s not included?

  • Office spaces that are not easily accessible to the public where individuals are vaccinated.
  • Individuals who are working alone indoors or in a vehicle where there is no public face-to-face interaction.
  • Small, private indoor gatherings where all attendees are vaccinated.
  • Outdoor spaces (though the Department of Health also recommends wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings like a concert, fairs or farmers markets).

What else is included?

  • Unvaccinated workers on the job, whether it is public-facing or not, must wear masks.
  • All individuals in K-12 settings, public transportation and congregate living areas like hospitals and jails are also required to wear masks.

What does this mean for construction?

The new mandate means workers must wear masks in public-facing offices and other indoor spaces but does not apply to jobsites where workers are vaccinated or outdoor activities at this time.

We continue to stay in close contact with the Governor’s office. We will provide additional updates as they are available.

For more information on the mask mandate as well as vaccination requirements for all state government, K-12, higher education, early childhood education and other employees,  read the full announcement on the Governor’s blog.