ROII Select Program

BIAW’s R.O.I.I. program began in 1982. The BIAW program currently consists of over 4,000 member companies that pay over $100 million per year in L&I premiums, the largest, by far, premium base of any Retro program in Washington state.

Since 2001, BIAW has offered an incentive-based R.O.I.I. program option called R.O.I.I. Select.  In 2011, the average refund for the Select Program was 51.8%. BIAW has just learned that the ROII Select 2013-2014 plan year’s first adjustment refund is an extraordinary 39%!

Experience has shown that companies who are committed to good hiring practices, promote a solid safety culture in the workplace and are prepared with return-to-work options maximize their refunds. Partner with us and together we can make a difference in your bottom line!

Also, companies must  agree to Kept on Salary and Light Duty. For more information on the R.O.I.I. Select Program, please click here.