Return on Industrial Insurance R.O.I.I Select

BIAW’s R.O.I.I. program began in 1982. The BIAW program currently consists of over 4,200 member companies that pay over $100 million per year in L&I premiums, the largest, by far, premium base of any Retro program in Washington state. Since 2001, BIAW has offered an incentive-based R.O.I.I. program option called R.O.I.I. Select.  In 2011, the average refund for the Select Program was 51.8%.  In 2021, JCHBA refunded over $180,000 to 19 local companies!


  • Claims Assistance: Seasoned claim reps go straight to L&I on your behalf to get claims closed quicker. Rest assured, we’ll keep a pulse on your claim every step of the way.
  • Safety and Prevention: The best injury claim is the one that never happens. Because prevention is our top priority, we’re here to help you develop and implement effective safety strategies.
  • Risk Management: Our job is to identify risk and assist you with implementing preventative measures to avoid claims from happening. If a claim does occur, we offer strategies to help control the severity and cost of the injury.
  • Return-to-Work: Our goal is to keep an injured worker engaged in the recovery process and connected with their employer to help ensure better outcomes. Each claim is unique, as is our customized return-to-work strategy approach.

Also, companies must agree to Kept on Salary and Light Duty. For more information on the R.O.I.I. Select Program, please click here.


The BIAW Health Insurance Program serves members of the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) by providing employers with access to comprehensive and competitive employee benefit options. BIAW offers over 30 medical plans and a selection of dental options from which employers can choose. By pooling together thousands of participating members, the BIAW Health Insurance Program is able to offer significant savings and custom benefits to Building Industry Association of Washington members.

The Advantages

Our Health Insurance program offers the most comprehensive and affordable health insurance coverage to members involved in the home building profession. As one of the largest multi-employer health care purchasing alliances in the Northwest, BIAW members are able to choose competitive health insurance options that fit their company’s individual needs. Learn More »

Free Quote

You don’t need to be a BIAW member to receive a free health insurance quote and comparison—but, you’ll want to become one once you see how great the savings are! Contact BIAW’s Health Insurance program consultants, Capital Benefit Services, for a free quote or for more information at (425) 641-8093. Get Your Free Health Insurance Quote »

Health Insurance Program Consultants

EPK Benefits, is the exclusive contract consultants for BIAW’s Health Insurance program. EPK Benefits provides direct customer service to both participating companies and employees.

Capital Benefit Services, Inc., is responsible for plan design, carrier renewal negotiations, employee communications, plan comparisons, employee meetings and evaluating additional benefit options. To get a quote or learn more, please contact Kathy Harbour, Capital Benefit Services at 425-373-9920.

JCHBA is pleased to announce that as of 2018, Kristin Manwaring Insurance is an official broker for the BIAW Health Insurance Program. So now you can “stay local” and enjoy statewide benefits! Contact Kristin at 360-385-4400 to learn more.