Is Your Home Ready for Your Future?

Is Your Home Ready for Your Future?

Aging in Place is a CHOICE about your life and your future!  It means not having to move from the home you love when changes come with aging or when the “unexpected” happens.   You need to be Pro-Active to be successful with “Aging in Place”. Planning is critical.

Things to Consider:

*Look at your home now: Can you visualize managing easily there   over time?  What changes in the home might you need to make?

* Look at your budget: Compare costs of making changes to your home vs moving.   Compare these costs now, as well as for 10/15 years from now.

*Look at your possible support networks: Friends, family, community services, transportation, etc.  e honest with yourself. Who will be there to help you?

Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen…Plan for it!

Attend the HOME & GARDEN EXPO at Mountain View Commons on February 28th  and visit with Age in Place Consultants, Celia Fry & Lynn Meyers to learn more about your options!