The Green Builder NW, Inc.

The Green Builder N.W Inc. for over 30 years has been a full service Design and Construction company with an Environmentally Sustainable focus.

We co-create lovely homes for and with our clients by thoroughly communicating with our clients and our team from design through construction.

Our Clients hire us because we believe in designing homes and environments which are in harmony & balance with nature, the Sun’s pathway, with your land’s unique resilient topography.

It takes a team (i.e. small village) to build a high quality craftsman’s home to proud of. We provide a clean, organized, safe and productive working environment for our team of professionals to thrive in.

We specialize in Passive & Active Solar design for maximum energy savings and reduced heating requirements. Using the Sun energy and the Earth’s natural gifts is the Sustainable and resilient answer.

Our building experience covers conventional framing, Post & Beam construction with Straw Bales as insulation, SIP panels (super-insulated panels) Earth Bermed homes, Insulated concrete homes all with a focus of blending the home into the topography of the building site, land Earth.

Our President Bruce Glenn was the first to build Straw Bale post & Beam homes in Durango Colorado in the 90’s and has been established in Port Townsend since 2001.

1240 West Sims Way Suite 291
Port Townsend, WA 98368 

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