Moving Earth LLC

Owners Greg and Lesley Barron live, plant, and grow on their Hood Canal acreage. (Ask them about greenhouses, perennials, and too many squash.) Greg’s construction experience starting in 1979 working in commercial construction and then switched to residential work in 1981. As a general contractor, Greg build many custom homes throughout Jefferson and surrounding counties. In 2012 he and Lesley Barron purchased Moving Earth from John Comastro to focus on foundational work for other builders.

Greg’s experience as a former contractor makes him invaluable to builders who depended on well done ground work. Since then he and Lesley have expanded their offerings to a plethora of necessary tasks and employ a team of construction specialists known for their skills sets as much as their personalitie

PO Box 587
Port Townsend , Wa 98368 

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