J. Smith Interiors

Welcome to the creative world of J. Smith Interiors, your go-to partner for interior design, kitchen and bath renovation, closet remodels and more! With a passion for transforming spaces into personalized havens, J. Smith Interiors brings a unique blend of creativity, functionality, and style to elevate your PNW home. 

Specializing in kitchen and bath renovations, Jordan understands the pivotal role these spaces play in your home. Whether it’s revamping outdated layouts, optimizing storage solutions, or infusing modern elegance, she will approach your project with a fresh perspective and dedication to capturing your vision.

Beyond kitchens and baths, Jordan is also adept at curating cohesive interior spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle. From concept to execution, Jordan collaborates closely with clients, ensuring that every design choice resonates with your unique preferences and enhances your living experience. 

From Jordan: “My goal is to guide you through the journey of turning your house into a true home, infusing warmth and purpose into every corner. Together, we’ll craft a living area that resonates with your personality, blending comfort and functionality seamlessly, creating a space that reflects your unique essence and becomes a cherished sanctuary you’ll love to inhabit.”

From initial consultation to final reveal, J. Smith Interiors is your trusted partner in creating spaces that inspire, uplift, and delight.

To learn more about services, please visit: jsmithinteriors.com

Port Townsend, WA 98368