Jefferson County Home Builders Association (JCHBA) is an association of builders, designers, and service providers representing the local home building industry. The association provides information, education and services to the membership, as well as, a directory to the public as a whole.

The Jefferson County Home Builders Association has a long and rich history, serving the building industry of Jefferson County since 1983. JCHBA is a not-for-profit organization representing builders, developers, and remodelers, as well as other professionals, suppliers and related trades associated with the housing industry.

From the Association’s early days, the main objectives have been to help members by providing education and networking opportunities, and to partner with state and local government to assure the continuation of quality construction in Washington state. In addition, the JCHBA serves as a link between consumers and the building industry. If you are undertaking a home improvement project or are thinking about building a new home, you need look no further than the members of the Jefferson County Home Builders.

Our Mission

Our Board actively promotes education for our members, housing for our community and the development of local business. We believe that our community deserves our respect and our support. As an association, we provide sources of economic benefit to further enhance the success and stability of our members. JCHBA strives to be recognized as an organization that promotes responsible use and management of natural resources.

Our Board Members

President 2022 – L.D. Richert
Owner, LD Richert Construction

As a third-generation builder with 40 years of building experience, I have made it my mission to design and build modern technological advanced homes fitted to the specific needs of our clients. Today, more than ever, builders need a trade association that supports education, stewardship & intelligent business practices to ensure the next generation of craftmanship in our trade.

Vice President 2022- Amanda Funaro
CFO, Good Man Sanitation

As a long-time resident of Jefferson County and the current CEO of Good Man Sanitation, the future sustainability of our community matters a great deal to me. The members of JCHBA are a big part of that future: one where our children have a place to work and call home. Supporting the trades, creating living wage jobs, and building with integrity and an eye on that future, is why I continue to support the JCHBA and encourage you to do so, as well.

Treasurer 2022 – Ryan Smith
President, Homer Smith Insurance

As a home town boy, who literally grew up in Port Townsend, I have witnessed first-hand the physical changes to Jefferson County over the past 30 years. Now, as a father & husband working in the same community, I want to ensure that what is built locally adds to the strength of our community. An active trade association, like JCHBA is like a great insurance policy: it’s comforting to know you have it even when you don’t use it and it’s wonderful to have when things go wrong.

Board Member 2022 – Lori Tschohl
Managing Member, Eagle Pipe Heating & Air

A strong sense of community and charity is a top priority to me, as a resident and women-owned business owner of Eagle Pipe Heating & Air in Port Ludlow. Being a member of the JCHBA board has further expanded the ability for me to connect with local nonprofits, such as Habitat for Humanity, to grow and develop our local community using the experience I have from the WHVACR board. Supporting women in the trades, local charities, and creating opportunities for growth are why I joined the JCHBA board and support our members.

Board Member 2022 – Shawnee Spencer
Mortgage Loan Officer, First Federal

With 29 years in mortgage lending as a Construction Specialist in Clallam, Kitsap and Jefferson counties, it is my pleasure to serve on the JCHBA board.  As a former board member with the Kitsap Building Association (KMBA), I look forward to working and supporting our Jefferson County community and building industry.