R.O.I.I.® Select  Help Us Help You! The ABCs of Claim Management Class

First Federal Bank in Port Townsend  Wednesday, May 21st 11-2 pm

As a requirement of enrollment in R.O.I.I.® Select, all NEW companies must attend the “Help Us Help You! The ABCs of Claim Management” class. Attendees will learn effective ways to close claims quickly and help lower costs. This information-packed, interactive, 3-hour class is a proactive approach to claims management and will help you improve your bottom line.

Contact Lizanne at JCHBA@live.com  to reserve your seat at this local class.

What The Class Will Teach You

  • Warning signs of a bogus claim
  • How to prevent a claim from spinning out of control
  • How a Return-to-Work program works and how you can get reimbursement for half of the payroll costs of employees on modified duty work
  • How better hiring practices can help reduce injuries in your workplace and save you time, money and aggravation

What The Class Will Cover

  • What you can do to influence the costs of an injured employee
  • Your role and responsibilities in the claim process
  • Q&A session with Claim Representives: ask questions, get answers
  • How BIAW helps you through the claims process

Free to Attendees

The class is free to BIAW R.O.I.I.® Select participants.

  • Class is a working lunch – bring a sack lunch
  • This class is from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • No shows/same day cancellations will be charged $15